surveillance system.

Get the big picture. Discover fast, react fast.

TrackDeep is an A.I.-powered self-learning surveillance system for monitoring large scale border areas and high sensitivity military bases or prisons.

The TrackDeep platform combines the best qualities of various radars, cameras and sensors, enabling the system to make faster and more precise decisions about possible security risks.

We process collected data in real-time, bringing to attention the more threatening security events, thereby allowing you to discover and react to imminent danger first.

of TrackDeep

as a surveillance team member

  • gain a fast overview of automatically detected and ranked security events
  • react to security events with different actions (jam, track, attack, send out team)
  • share critical surveillance data with other team members
  • have a comprehensive record of all past security events
  • share crucial real-time data with security squads

as a surveillance team administrator

  • connect new sensors and radars from different manufacturers to the platform
  • manage a monitored area or object
  • manage your surveillance teams
  • have a comprehensive record of all security events and taken actions
  • guide the A.I. to recognize friendly objects and movement patterns


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